The Filipino Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest

Mission Statement​

To enable our Filipino American businesspersons and professionals achieve optimum success in their entrepreneurial and venture enterprises thereby contributing to the economic well-being of and wealth building in our Filipino community.




FCCPNW stands for the Filipino Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest and we are a chamber of local Filipino business and community leaders. Our chamber meets monthly in Seattle.

About Us

Since our founding in 1983, our Chamber has conducted conferences, workshops, seminars, and social networking events to promote comradeship, opportunities and business success. We have also sponsored trade missions to the Philippines and hosted Philippine government and business leaders here in Seattle. On a need basis we have participated with other Filipino organizations in providing civic services and assistance to our Filipino community members. More recently, we have launched our Online Palengke Mall to promote Filipino businesses and professionals.

Event Photos

Message from the President

Jet Castro


Welcome to the Filipino Chamber of Commerce’s Winter Soiree Networking event! My name is Jet Castro – President of the Filipino Chamber, and I’m also the Managing Director for Solutions Resource – a software development company with offices in Bellevue and QC Manila.

As we continue to grow this chamber, I will take this opportunity to converse my deep gratitude and appreciation to everyone. Thank you for your continued support in helping us grow and foster our community. I want a welcome that is genuine and supportive in ways that embrace each one of you and your personal and professional identities. And a welcome that provides a glimpse into the work we are doing to become a more inclusive and welcoming organization.

Now, If you are anything like me (extremely introverted) – I know networking events can be intimidating, but I promise you – it doesn’t have to be. We’re all here to connect with each other and help each other grow our businesses. So, let’s chat, exchange business cards, and make some meaningful connections.

And while we’re at it, I want to let you know about the awesome work we’ve been doing to become a more inclusive and welcoming organization. We want to celebrate each and every one of your personal and professional identities, and we’re committed to making sure everyone feels valued and supported in our community. So YES – the chamber is not just for entrepreneurs or business professionals with Filipino heritage; every race and nationality is welcome!

Last year, we had some amazing events and initiatives that provided a ton of value to our members, and we’re excited to keep that momentum going this year.

Just to name a few:
1. Filipino American Coalition of Talent (FACT) – FAPAGOW (Mayor Bruce Harriel)
2. Asian Pacific Islander Business Roundtable Event (April)
3. SBA Roundtable in May
4. Summer Soiree (June)
5. FPACC National Conference (3 day event in August)
6. Consulate on-wheels (Mill Creek, WA)
7. FPACC Trade Mission (2 weeks)
I wanted to bring up the point that by being a member they would have access to various events that we would this year:

1. Winter Soiree
2. Webinars and Workshops on the following topics (at least 3 webinar and 1 workshop):
– Business Resiliency
– Access to Capital
– Access to Contracting
– Business and Sustainability
– Technical Assistance
3. Summer Golf Event
4. Consulate on-wheels
5. Winter (end-of-year) Gala / Business Networking Event

I look forward to the ways each of you will continue to support our collective work elevating business development and creating meaningful and impactful experiences for the members of our chamber. Our values of collaboration and equity are centered on you and the ways each of you will help your business grow and improve.

From webinars to workshops, we’ve got a lot planned to help you grow and improve your business. So if you have not signed-up for this year’s membership, it’s the best $75 dollars you can spend to grow your business.

So, once again, thank you for being a part of our Filipino Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest. . Your continued support and commitment to our chamber has allowed us to reach new heights over the past year. We are proud to have such an engaged and passionate membership base and are always grateful for your continued dedication. It is because of your involvement and support that we are able to further our mission of supporting Filipino employers and small businesses. Let’s have some fun, make some connections, and support each other as we continue to elevate business development in our Filipino business community!


Jet Castro


May Pineda

Vice President

Galileo Tan


Mylene Nuevo-Smith