FIL-AM Chamber of Commerce – Manila


Mission Statement​

Building better means establishing the foundations well, solid, and quakeproof until every aspect of our progress is cemented into the history of success. We will create solutions outside of traditional business politics where the end goal is improved lives and ease of doing business in the Philippines.

Primary Goals and Objectives

  • Ease of doing business through digitalization
  • Food Security through agricultural technology investments
  • Health Security through medical and hospital infrastructures
  • Tourism investments to promote the Philippines as the number one destination
  • Training and Education in science and technology

About Us

Our Fil-Am Chamber of Commerce in Manila is part of the Federation of the Philippine American Chambers of Commerce (FPACC), representing the business community of over 4.1 million Filipinos in the US since 1996. In September 2022, the Manila charter, with the support and execution of the Federation, will make its presence felt by strengthening the business relationships in the Philippines.

Message from the President

Glenn Espino


It is my pleasure to serve in the Philippine Chamber for the Federation. I pray that beginning this year, on behalf of my fellow members, we can elevate the lives of the Filipino community through the Fil-Am network, which understands both sides of the situation. I believe that both Filipinos and Americans must unite and maintain a solid relationship, especially in these crucial times around the globe.

As our goals and objectives indicate, we will build better. Mabuhay po kayo!


Glenn Espino


Jonathan R. Nollora

Managing Director

Luis Claro Firmacion


Atty. Krystyna Nicole D. Feliciano


Vee Balanon-Gonzales

Public Relations Officer